Why Attend

133 Houndsditch | 30 April 2020


  • Be a part of the world’s largest gathering of fashion and now, disruptive ecommerce - hear from pioneers in digital retail that are transforming the retail experience 
  • Explore the new reality for fashion retail and what you must do to stay ahead of the game
  • Seeking inspiration? Hear from the brightest new stars who are upending the status quo and rewriting the rules of the 21st century business -  in fashion and beyond.
  • Join the customer-centric stream designed to help you understand and adapt to the next-gen customer
  • Unlock tech usability and discover what is working now
  • Learn how to make more informed decisions using data analytics
  • Incorporate the power of “lifestyle” and benchmark against your peers 
  • Hear real-life examples of elevating customer experience and loyalty in 2019

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