Quantum Metric

6 October | 155 Bishopsgate London

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Quantum Metric

Making customers happy is much harder than it used to be. With maximum choice and minimum patience, shoppers expect digital products to meet their specific needs, and experiences to be silky smooth. To pull this off, companies must relentlessly design, deliver and iterate on their digital products, continuously turning customer input into additional features and more enjoyable product experiences. Those who cannot deliver, or take too long to do so, will lose loyal customers and be shoved aside by the competition. With no system for continuously designing, iterating and perfecting products, there is simply no way to build digital products that customers will keep choosing over everything else.

Quantum Metric helps companies design their products around people, introducing a new approach called continuous product design – a user-defined, quantified method for continuously perfecting digital products. It expands the devops approach – the combination of software development and IT operations – to include the entire product lifecycle, connecting the product design and ideation process with customer behaviour and input, so organisations understand exactly where and how to optimise their products. Now, teams are fully aligned on what they need to iterate, products release faster and more efficiently, and companies deliver exactly what their customers want.

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