Personify XP

133 Houndsditch | 30 April 2020

Drapers Disprupt Sponsor

Personify XP

Personify XP is pioneering how to convert anonymous shoppers using machine learning and AI. For our existing clients to date Personify XP have increased their revenue by up to 30% and outperformed their existing personalisation platforms by up to 15% by converting more anonymous shoppers online. Personify XP work with leading retailers such as Hawes & Curtis, Finery London and Ghost.

Personify XP is a machine learning and AI platform that recognises shopping behaviours in live shopper interactions. Using these behaviours the platform automatically identifies an individuals shopping mission in real time and uses their behaviour to automate personalised digital experiences across a customer's digital experience with a brand on site, in app, in-store and other emerging channels such as voice.

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